Meet Us


Hi. I’m Sidra Jafri, the Dream Catcher

I catch your dreams and turn them into reality

Let me introduce you to the Dream Team

Our vision is to inhabit a ship – The Dream Ship – that sails around the world and inspires and supports countless people on their journey to self realisation. This is an energetic ship, but for the Dream Team it’s a reality

By giving you leading edge tools and transformative light transmissions, we can turn your dreams into reality and create a world infused with Joy, Abundance, Peace and Harmony.

Captain Tariq, The Dream Builder
Why am I with Sidra and the team? Simply put, because I want to. It’s a space where we have fun, we share, we grow, we learn, we give back, we laugh, we cry, we face our issues and we come from the heart. From that space.. who knows what can happen.. maybe miracles? Well, I’ve seen those as well.

Ivana, Your Dream Host
Hi, my name is Ivana. I love working in the media and PR department! This allows me to share and inspire others through the work Sidra does. For all events/conference bookings or any questions about Sidra please feel free to connect with me.

Catherine, The Dream Queen
Hey my name is Catherine. My biggest challenge in the past were relationships and now guess what?! I am the KEY Connector with your Soul Family. You may hear me cracking jokes or being cheeky, yes, definitely improved my sense of humour! Looking forward to connecting with you!

Eddie, The Dream Entertainer
Hey! How ya do’in… My name is Eddie. As an international broadcaster one thing I love the most is connecting with people from around the world. It’s all about having a conversation and making people smile. You can hear my voice everywhere, from radio to your local cafe bars and in this space I am your voice for your connection to Your own Awakening.

Fozia, The Dream Angel
Hey! My soul sister once said to me “Leap in Faith Fozia.” So I did, Here I am a Key Connector, to the coolest place to be. There is truth, freedom, unconditional love and inspiration here. This is my home. Cheers for shining your light through me.

Alya, The Dream Spartan
Hi, my name is Alya! I play in two areas within GA. My role is Key Support in which I enjoy connecting with people and guiding them to release their blocks using Sidra’s Awakening Tools. I look forward to connecting with all you beautiful souls and infuse you with love, light and that extra bit of sparkle!


Zara, The Dream Initiator
Hi, My name i Zara. I belong and market the most coolest community. I make sure you hear all about our live events. That will create structural changes in your life. My team is always here to serve you and direct you to the right course. I look forward to connecting with you at one of our events.

Bushra, The Dream Engineer
Hey guys! My name is Bushra Raza. I am the IT whizz kid. Along with my team I make sure that your online experience with Sidra is of ease and grace.